An all-in-one tool for guests at an event to upload photos from their smartphone フォトシャワー/Photo Shower


Photo shower is mainly used in Japan at places such as corporate events and wedding parties.

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What can you do with Photoshower?

  • 写真を投稿しよう



    Display pictures taken from a smartphone on a big screen in real-time

    Just read the QR code or enter the URL on a smartphone to go to the screen to post pictures. If the computer screen is connected to the projector screen in advance, users can post their photos from a smartphone to a projector screen in real-time.
  • 投稿した写真を共有できる



    Posted photos can be viewed and downloaded on a smartphone

    All of the posted photos can be viewed and downloaded on a smartphone. Photos can easily be shared with everyone.
  • デザイン



    Posted photos can be controlled (deleted etc.) from a management screen.

    There is no need to worry about any inappropriate photos being posted. Photos can be deleted from a "management screen." In addition, there is a function you can activate in advance that can control whether verification is required before a photo is shown.
  • ハートのモチーフでフィニッシュ



    Gather the all the posted pictures together to form a large image of your choice

    Instead of just posting the pictures, you can also gather all the posted photos and display all of them into any large image of your choice.



What kind of places is Photoshower used?

  • Photoshower is used at parties and celebrations such as weddings.

  • At weddings, friends, and relatives who haven’t seen each other in a long time get together and celebrate the bride and groom’s marriage in various ways. With the spread of smartphones, it has become commonplace for many people to take pictures with a smartphone. However, it is time-consuming to share photos with everyone and to get all the photos taken by everyone, to the bride and groom. However, with Photoshower, all attendees can easily share the photos taken by everyone with each other and requires no time or effort. It is also an excellent way for everyone to give the bride and groom pictures of their special celebration as an added present, photos they can cherish forever. With everyone posting their photos on the big screen, it will also liven up the event!
  • Using Photoshower at Company Events

  • Companies hold various events and use Photoshower so that their employees, clients, and users can enjoy the event. Many people worry about what to do when planning an event. However, Photoshower can be used not only as a primary tool to be used during an event but can also be used in other ways, such as between speeches, performances, or during waiting time. It is also common for people to use Photoshower as a “communication tool” and a way to spark conversation and increase social interaction between guests. Furthermore, Photoshower does not need to be used only within the same venue. Photos posted at other venues can also be shared on multiple screens at the same time, making it possible to share pictures in places far away. It is also an excellent tool for creating a sense of unity among multiple venues for teams or parties in different areas.
  • Venue management using Photoshower

  • Photoshower can be used by individuals, and if a contract is made with Photoshower in advance, venue management can also sell Photoshower to clients as a production tool to be used at the venue. Individuals, companies, or organizations proposing to use Photoshower at an event will provide event planners with even more creative ideas. Photoshower is easy to set up and can be used anywhere you have an internet connection, a computer, and a screen.



|How to use Photoshower

  • ①パソコンをインターネットに接続

    ①Connect your computer to the Internet.

  • ②Chromeブラウザで指定URLにアクセス

    ② Access the specified URL with the Chrome browser. Make sure to turn off the screen saver in the computer settings.

  • ③パソコンとプロジェクタースクリーンを接続

    ③Connect the computer to the projector screen.

    (using an HDMI cable or a D-SUB cable is the most common)

  • ④設定完了

    ④The set-up is finished! Once the computer screen is mirrored and appears on the projector screen, the set-up is complete.

    Next, setting it up on a smartphone

  • ⑤スマートフォンでQRを読込み

    ⑤ Scan the QR code on a smartphone

  • ⑥投稿画面にアクセス

    ⑥You will be directed to a screen where you can post photos.

    Each smartphone’s 4G LTE is used for the signal.

  • ⑦写真をスクリーンへ

    ⑦Swipe photo to the screen

    Either take a picture or select a picture from the camera roll, then swipe your finger towards the big screen.

  • ⑧会場のスクリーンに投稿した写真が大きく表示されます

    ⑧The posted photo will be enlarged and displayed on the venue projector screen.

  • ⑨全ての投稿写真を共有・観覧・ダウンロード可能

    ⑨Share, view or download posted photos.

    You can share, view, or download all of the posted photos.

  • ⑩最後はハートのモチーフでありがとうを伝えよ

    ⑩Gather all the posted photos and display all of them into any large image of your choice.

  • ⑪管理画面で写真の管理(削除等)やアクションが可能です

    ⑪Open the "management screen" on your computer or smartphone. From here you can control the photos (delete, etc.).


| Items required

  • Minimum specs: Windows: OS 7.8 or higher, Mac: Japanese version / CPU (processor): i5 or higher (HD Graphics 4000 or higher / Memory: 8G or higher (i5 memory 4G may work smoothly.)
  • An internet connection is required for it to be displayed on a computer. If the venue has an internet connection (wireless LAN or wired LAN connection) that can be used, pocket Wi-Fi is not required.
  • The smartphone required would be the guest's smartphones. Recommended smartphone: iPhone4s (iOS7) or higher / Android 4.0 or higher (some models are incompatible and cannot be used.)
  • The connection cable for the screen may differ (such as HDMI/RGB cable or D-SUB cable), depending on the model of the computer.

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